Deep and revelatory practices, after long term use, often become dry and no longer interesting to us as we make those states so ordinary that we are walking around with them; they are an innate part of our being. What do we do for practices at this point? Shall we “try harder” with the same practice? Do we try on a new practice? Should it be a concrete practice—a subtle practice—perhaps a causal practice. Or perhaps it is time for us to begin to work non-dually—and yes, there are a multitude of practices for each one of those areas.

With such a maze of options for practice it is hard to know what practices to select in service of the space and time you are engaged with right now.

You may be asking yourself:

Given that there are interior, exterior, individual and collective state practices, do I know which ones are appropriate for my developmental level, and can I map them in relationship to each other?

As a teacher of states, can I recognize where a student is in their state progression, as well as their developmental stage progression and guide them with appropriate practices?

What states are necessary to develop, and when should they occur?

What are practical ways to work with what stops me (Shadow material) from growing up and waking up?

These questions will be addressed here in my upcoming blog, which sets the stage for the new material I will be introducing.

Future offerings include, individual state-and-stage friending for those who want to experiment with states that integrate with stages, to experience a full and robust progression to awakening.

And, Web-based courses that will reveal the underpinnings of a periodic matrix of consciousness and how to find your way through this labyrinth of Awakening